How did I get this, at my house, on a Sunday? With no postmark? You personally deliver? Amazing customer service!

Cathy S.

Thank you again for the quick turnaround in delivering the Wisconsin Snack Tray . . . It was so kind of you to deliver it to our home the very same day we ordered it. That is absolutely terrific service.  I look forward to shopping on your website and enjoying future purchases.

Pat R.

Amazing service. I'll be back!

Susan H.

The unique products at Madison Local Shops made it fun and easy to pick out a birthday present for a special person. The service and helpfulness of the staff is a pleasure too. All around great experience and I will definitely be checking out Madison Local Shops for future gift items.

Debby Q.

Madison Local Shops does it all! The customer service is outstanding, the products make great gifts and the delivery is so quick! They even helped me pick out gifts for one of my friend's birthdays!

Abby S.