Get To Know The Owner: Love, Madison Weddings

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Get To Know The Owner: Love, Madison Weddings

Jodi (and Chad) Everts of Love, Madison Weddings

Jodi Everts is a co-owner and co-founder of Love, Madison Weddings along with her husband Chad. Love, Madison Weddings ( is a local wedding blog that features complete vendor and venue listings and Real Wedding galleries to showcase the many ways to plan a Madison, WI wedding.

Chad and Jodi got married in 2012, but their story goes back nearly 20 years. They met on Jodi's first day of high school when Chad came strolling into Jodi's art class. Chad was a junior and became friends with Jodi, but they didn’t actually start dating until Jodi was a senior. They dated for nearly four years, broke up for five, got back together and engaged in months, and now are proud parents to a sweet little girl!

Jodi has 10 years of experience in marketing and advertising, having worked on accounts with nearly nonexistent budgets to more than $4 million. Chad's background is in management and is well versed in the areas of IT and accounting. He even has experience as a local wedding DJ. They've brought their experiences and talents together to create an incredible resource for wedding planning couples in the Madison, WI community.

What led you to decide to start your business?
I loved working in advertising but needed more work/life balance after our daughter was born. Since I had organized many corporate events in the past, I pursued event planning long enough to recognize that’s not where my passion lies. But through that experience we uncovered the opportunity for a site like ours so it was incredibly worthwhile… when I found myself strategic planning when I should have been sleeping, I knew Chad and I needed to pursue Love, Madison Weddings.

What’s your favorite part of running your business?
Working side by side with Chad is hands down the best part about running Love, Madison Weddings. We are constantly thinking of ways to improve user and vendor experience, and challenging ourselves to learn new things. It’s a lot of work – and we’ll never be truly “done” with the site because it will always be evolving – but it's so much fun.

What’s the most challenging part of running your business?
The purpose of leaving my agency job when our daughter was born was to achieve more work/life balance. We had no idea that an opportunity like Love, Madison Weddings was on the horizon but we are so grateful that it was. That said, we have seen exciting growth in our first year and have many ideas for new features and ways the site can evolve. It’s important to us to remain strategic, keep momentum but also make sure we are maintaining the balance we set out for. We are so excited for the future of LMW but don’t want to get lost in the rush towards it that this amazing blessing becomes a source of stress.

Is there anything new or exciting happening with your business now or in the upcoming months?
YES! We’ll be rolling out some exciting new features in the next couple of weeks that will improve the onsite experience for local couples and make it easier to find their vendor team. We are constantly identifying ways to update and expand based on feedback from local couples and featured vendors, changes in website design and best practices, and wedding trends so it’s safe to say there will always be something new on the horizon.


Name one of your favorite local Madison restaurants, bars, or coffee/tea shops.
Karben4. We recently stopped for brunch and our daughter was intrigued with what was going on in the brewery. She was standing by the glass door looking in and one of the workers kept splashing the door with water. She could not stop giggling. A laid-back environment with good food and beer – that’s our kind of place.

What’s one of your favorite things to do in the Madison area?
As you might guess from the previous answer… we love to check out new breweries. Chad is always on the hunt for a new favorite IPA and I’m a Weiss fan.

Where is one of your favorite places to go to relax in the Madison area?
Just taking a walk down State Street is relaxing for me. It reminds me of one of our first dates when we got back together. We went to The Old Fashioned and then walked around during Maxwell Street Days. I think we both knew that day that we would never let each other go again.

Tell us a little bit about the products or services that your business offers:
For local engaged couples: we offer a fun and relevant site to streamline the wedding planning process. All of our content applies to Madison-area engaged couples so they don’t have to sift through information that isn’t relevant to their wedding plans.

Our featured vendors are part of the Love, Madison Weddings family. When they succeed, we succeed, and we see ourselves as strategic partners with each of them. We want to understand their business goals and challenges, and identify ways to implement new strategy to achieve results. So our relationship, and the subsequent promotions and partnerships on our site, will be different for each vendor based on what their strategic plan looks like for the year.

Is there anything else you would like the community to know about you or your business?
We want to hear from you! Whether you are a vendor, bride, groom, bridesmaid or anyone else involved in the wedding planning process, your feedback and inquiries help us better understand the information our local readers are looking for. This will inform the editorial process and allow us to better serve local engaged couples and our featured vendors.

What’s the best way the Madison community can help you and your business continue to grow and succeed?
Tell your friends about! Share this local resource with the engaged couples and wedding vendors in your lives so they can use this resource to connect with each other.

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If you have any questions or comments, or ways you can help, support, or partner with Love, Madison Weddings, email Jodi or Chad at or leave a comment below.

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