5 of the Best Resources for Entrepreneurs in Madison, WI

5 of the Best Resources for Entrepreneurs in Madison, WI

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Or maybe you've already completed that step and are now looking for resources to help your business grow and succeed in the Madison community and beyond! Either way, these helpful Madison area businesses and organizations will help you achieve your goals as an entrepreneur and propel your business forward.

1) Capital Entrepreneurs

Capital Entrepreneurs is an organization and community that helps entrepreneurs connect, provides resources for startups of all stages, fosters collaboration efforts, and supports Madison entrepreneurs in many other ways. They have put together an incredible list of entrepreneurial resources in Madison that you can check out here. Membership is free for entrepreneurs who meet their basic requirements.

2) 100state

100state is Wisconsin's largest coworking community with over 250 members. Not only does 100state provide a great work space for entrepreneurs of all types, but they also provide a way for you to collaborate and connect with other entrepreneurs, artists, creative thinkers, and more. 100state also offers a broader way to connect with the Madison community through regular panel discussions, collaborative entertainment, instructional/learning sessions and many other events and resources. Membership costs around $75-$100 per month. You can apply for a 100state membership here.

3) Entrepreneurs’ Toolkit

The Wisconsin Technology Council created a great step-by-step resource for entrepreneurs as they try to navigate the many aspects of starting a business. Don't be mistaken, the Entrepreneurs' Toolkit is not only for technology related companies, but for anyone thinking about starting a business or currently running a startup in Wisconsin. The toolkit provides guides and resources for everything from getting started, to finding money for your venture. Check out the complete Entrepreneurs' Toolkit here.

4) Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic

Laws are obviously important to follow, but the cost of lawyers can be detrimental to startup businesses and entrepreneurs. Solution, the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic or the University of Wisconsin Law School. The Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic provides free legal services to early stage entrepreneurs and companies. They also connect entrepreneurs and startups to community resources to increase the likelihood of success. You can apply for their services here.

5) Doyenne Group

Sorry guys, this one is only for the female entrepreneurs out there. The Doyenne Group's mission is to: Tell the stories of women entrepreneurs, build the network within the community, develop the entrepreneurs, and fund the ventures. The organization mentors, provides resources for, connects, supports, and funds startups lead by women. The Doyenne Group plays an integral part in not only fostering female entrepreneurs in the greater Madison community, but also in leading the broader discussion of gender inequality in the business world. You can apply to join the Doyenne Group here. The annual fee is less than $10/month.

Bonus) 10 Steps to Starting a Business

Check out the 10 Steps to Starting a Business guide created by the U.S. Small Business Administration. It takes you through 10 essential steps to starting a business including creating a business plan, determining the legal structure of your business, obtaining the necessary permits and licenses and more. Although, not specifically focused for Madison area entrepreneurs, it's a great resource to get started and can propel you into utilizing the local resources available in the area.

Bonus) MadisonLocalShops.com

Nothing like a little self promotion, eh? MadisonLocalShops.com is a great resource for local businesses as a way to market and sell products to the greater Madison, Wisconsin area and beyond. With over 50 local businesses and more than 400 local products featured on the site, MadisonLocalShops.com has the most variety of any local Madison online site and delivers products to Madison, WI for free! Learn more and apply to become a seller on the site here.

Have anything to add? Feel free to leave comments below or send any inquiries to info@madisonlocalshops.com. Thanks for supporting the local businesses of the greater Madison area!

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