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Garam Masala Signature Spice Blend

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Back home in Pakistan every family has their own recipe for their Garam Masala. Ours is no different with 5 key spices selected from owner and Televised Chef Huma Siddiqui. You'll taste the cinnamon, clove, cumin and coriander and ground peppercorns infuse all of your stir fry's and quick seared vegetables! Forget the salt, this has all the flavor you need and is the perfect compliment to be used as a base for full entrees or as a go-to spice for vegetables.

Once your vegetables of choice enter a hot pan, add the spice blend and let it dry roast in the oils with your veggies.

Must try: Veggies, beans, chicken

Visit the White Jasmine Cooking YouTube Page for recipes, cooking tips, and ways to use this product.

Signature Spice Blends

The White Jasmine Signature Spice Blend line consist of three different house blends that can be used in a variety of dishes. Our suggestions and dish pairings are merely for inspirational but depending on your personal palate our blends can be easily interchanged or added to your favorite meals! Just remember, dry roasted spices always give off a better flavor and scent so be sure to add these spices to your hot pan while your ingredients are in, as opposed to using it as a garnish.

As always you can expect White Jasmine products to be carefully sourced, gluten free and preservative free. We add sea salt for taste but do not utilize it as a preservative.