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Lake Monona Candle Season In The Sand

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Lake Monona
Madison, Wisconsin

Hooray, it's spring!

Breezes are flowery,
and red robins flock.
Bikers greet joggers,
and boats leave their docks.
"Monona" feels cold,
but the spirit is hot!
Beach candles glowing
can "lift" you a lot.

This unique candle, one in a series of SEASONS IN THE SAND, is specific to a place and season. Each candle is made one at a time with a little sunshine.

Burn time is approximately 45-50 hours, providing wick is trimmed to 1/4 before each burn.

Price includes cellophane bag with natural twine and informational card. Pastel satin ribbon can be substituted for the twine.



Natural soy wax
Premium fragrance oil, phthalate-free
Cotton wick, lead-free
Jelly jar, 4 inches x 3 inches wide
Metal lid, rustic
Natural twine
Kraft-paper label with eyelet
Shore/beach sand, hand-collected from Lake Monona in Madison Wisconsin
Water-based fixative



FIRST BURN: It is important to burn candle for 2-3 hours, until a melted wax pool is visible across the entire candle top. If not, all future melt pools may not surpass the distance of the first melt pool, causing "tunneling" with wasted wax and poor burning performance.

TRIM wick, if longer than 1/4-inch tall, before each burn.

BURN no longer than 4 hours at a time.

NEVER leave a candle unattended. NEVER.



Made from USA-grown soy beans which support USA farmers
Renewable source
Cleans very easily with soap and water
Biodegradable, not made from petroleum
Natural, creamy-white, dye-free
Burns evenly, produces little shoot, if burned properly with wick trimmed
Eco-friendly, does not release toxins into the air



As a critical safety precaution, the bottom 3/8 inch of candle wax will NOT BURN. Wick holder has a tall metal neck at bottom of jar to snuff out the flame.