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Mushroom Corn Popcorn (2lb Bag)

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Our Popcorn Flavors
YELLOW Traditional perhaps, but not ordinary. These pale yellow flakes are light and tender with more natural corn flavor than our white varieties.

RUBY RED Crispy, yet tender flakes with a little crunch and a light nutty taste. These small white flakes have the most natural flavor of our white varieties.

WHITE Our most POPular popcorn. This hulless variety has light, fluffy flakes that melt in your mouth.

SHAMAN BLUE Crunchy white flakes with a hint of sweetness. These flakes pop up in various sizes. Heartier in texture, blue has its own unique flavor.

CALICO A colorful blend of taste and texture. Natural cross pollination creates a delight for popcorn lovers. Our Calico is not only pretty to look at, it is tasty too!

MUSHROOM CORN Robust flakes with a hearty texture, not for the faint of heart. These large flakes are great for coating. Air pop for the best volume.

About Tietz Family Farms
Tietz Family Farms is located in the fertile Rock River Valley just outside of Watertown, Wisconsin. Our family specializes in growing flavorful homegrown popcorn. Our popcorn dries naturally on the cob. It is not force dried or commercially processed. We harvest our popcorn on the ear. This gives the popcorn a light and fresh natural corn taste.

The varieties of popcorn we plant are non GMO. Like a fine wine, each of the varieties we grow may have slight variations in their flavor and texture every year. Our popcorn contains no chemical additives or preservatives. Experience the taste of this fresh and delicious healthy snack for yourself.