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Notepad: Daily To-Do List

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Part of the 'I've got it together' series of organizational paper goods, this 5.5 x 8.5 notepad has 50 recycled sheets to keep you on top of your daily to do's. This clean and simple design ends with an already checked off box: This is going to be a great day!

About Jack + Ella Paper:

I'm Jessica Bates, founder of Jack + Ella Paper, an eco-conscious stationery brand that is proudly based in Madison, Wisconsin. The goods reflect my respect for simplicity and I take great care in making all of my products as gentle on the environment as possible.

I have always had a tendency to get just a little too excited about designing my own holiday cards each year, and at some point along the way, I realized I could actually spend my days doing what I love. Officially beginning as an Etsy shop in 2010, J + E Paper has blossomed into a full-time venture where I find myself working at a job that truly doesn't feel like work at all.