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WI Love Premium T-shirt - Heather Red

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•Lightweight, fitted t-shirt.

•Ultra Blend (65% polyester / 35% cotton)

•Unisex size ‰ÛÒ women may prefer to order one size smaller

Wisconsin love!

About Sconnie:
Sconnie Nation prides itself on in-house, unique masterpieces that cannot be found anywhere else. The Sconnie tradition began way back in 1848 when Wisconsin became the 30th state in the Union and continues today.

The idea behind Sconnie Nation is simple. Anyone from Wisconsin, who attends school in Wisconsin, or just loves the dairy state in general can identify with Sconnie. Sconnie is anything of or relating to Wisconsin. Sconnie is an identity. It can be used as a noun ("I am a Sconnie") or an adjective ("Look at that Sconnie truck"). You don't have to be from Wisconsin to appreciate the Sconnie movement. It's all about embracing and celebrating this genuinely Wisconsinesque environment we call home. Sconnie is tailgating, bowling, bubblers, washing cheese curds down with a beer, having a tractor-shaped mailbox, or eating a cream puff. If you like eating a brat and cheering for the Pack, you know what we're talking about.